False eyelashes, extensions and everything they involve

False eyelashes take their place in the world. Every product in the world is different and so is every person. What can work for one woman, it may not work for the others. That is why it is necessary to consider the pros and cons of all methods to highlight the lashes. From the moment the extensions have evolved to the best natural option.false eyelashes reviews


Mascara is the first form every woman uses to highlight her eyelashes. But even though it is so common, there is no damage or eye irritation due to its frequent use. Now taking the example of the mask itself, is one of the easiest products to use and you can simply apply it over the eyelash.

It comes in various shades and consistency of different types and can last between an hour and a day. By itself, the mascara does not help to grow the longer lashes. But what it does is that the existing lash seems thicker and fuller for a long time. This is insufficient for the ambition of many women.

But again, this is a product that has some chemical compound and obviously has dyes. So it does not fit all types of eyes and often causes allergies and infections.

Eyelash extensions

Mascara users argue about the pros and cons of it. But another popular product to grow longer eyelashes artificially is the use of eyelash extensions. These, as the name implies are the natural eyelashes that extend using artificial means.

The artificial hair of the same hue is linked by special chemicals. These semi-permanent products are so seen that more women are now looking for eyelash extensions.

An added advantage of these eyelash extensions is that a different shade of hair can also be used on the natural eyelash. But its frequent use ends up damaging the original eyelashes, which can be difficult to reverse.

False eyelashes

However, another alternative to all these methods is to use false eyelashes. These lashes are basically the entire eyelashes that are made artificially and are available in the market.

These lashes are of different types and colors and can be placed on the actual eyelashes using a temporary adhesive. These are also the most used products, if someone wants to go out for an afternoon and has to go to a party and do not have time for other alternatives.

These lashes can also be reused over and over again. It should be remembered that false eyelashes have to be removed at the end of the day and cannot be used in bed.

The worst part of these products is that, because of the heat and humidity of the temporary adhesive, they can produce a more embarrassing situation in a lady. It can also cause eye irritation in some people.

Natural lash enhancers

Last but not least, there is extensive ongoing research for natural eyelash extensions. They are supposed to be safer to use. They help to grow longer lashes naturally and are known to cause much less skin infections or allergies. The best result is Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer.

It is a beauty treatment system that helps you get bigger and more complete eyelashes, making your eyes look more open and wide. This treatment is fairly easy to apply, and helps by giving you that glamour look associated with long eyelashes.

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